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Hoodoo is an African American spiritual tradition that developed primarily in the southern states after enslaved Africans were stolen from their homelands and forced to endure the Middle Passage. Many did not survive the journey and those who did were quickly stripped of their names and sold. Once enslaved, many Africans were no longer permitted to practice their own spiritual traditions—Christianity was forced on them. Hoodoo is a magic system that grew out of that injustice. 


At its core, Hoodoo is a melding of West African spiritual traditions, plant medicine and Christianity. Often referred to as Rootwork or Conjure, Hoodoo’s ultimate goal is to shift the odds in your favor through ancestral veneration, offerings, and work with herbs and plants.


Though Hoodoo is practiced differently from region to region, at the root, Hoodoo highlights the strength and power of the ancestors and nature. Hoodoo is neither good nor bad; it is balance. With the Great Migration, Hoodoo spread throughout the United States

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